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Welcome to the Fantasy Harbor Harbor Pilot's Office.
Here you can grab some hot coffee and find a
chart (site map) of Fantasy Harbor with links to take you to your destination immediately.

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Fantasy Harbor Home Page This link takes you to the Fantasy Harbor home page.
A good place to begin your journey.
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Wire Expressions This link takes you to the Wire Expressions page where you can browse through information and pictures of hand crafted Sculpted Wire Jewelry. Pages linked from here include Wire Sculpted Names, Mermaid's Tears, Treasures from the Sea, Cameos, and sets.
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Barely Thare Browse through information and pictures of hand-crafted Barely Thare Bodyware. Pages linked from here include Handware/Wristware, Ankleware, Bodyware, and Sets
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The Fondue Crew Click this link to see information and pictures of hand-dipped stuffed animals bringing a delightful fragrance to your home. Pages linked from here are Bears, Rabbits, and Other.
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Harbor Chandler Learn about a Chandler here and see some of the things they make. Pages linked from here include Hand made French-milled designer soaps and bath salts.
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Harbor Galley A free listing of recipes collected around the world.
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Harbor Pilot The Fantasy Harbor Site Map. This is where you are now.
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Compass Rose

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